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Commercial construction

Many large companies have begun to consider creating attractive outdoor areas for their commercial buildings. This means that personnel gain a place to spend their breaks and take a breather from work. Green and flowering environs have a great impact on the working environment and clear divisions between pathways and plant beds and lush trees give visitors a positive impression on arrival at a company.

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Private residences

To accommodate disabled and wheelchair users, newly built residences must be built with at-grade access. This gives rise to immediate challenges relative to dampness in the foundations and diverting stormwater from the house facade. In most cases, a threshold channel is required. We have a complete overview of the most recent regulations governing the use of drainage channels for dewatering of the foundation and at-grade access. Our solutions ensure your installation will endure for many years.

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Urban spaces

Small urban spaces and parks are often the essential heart and soul of a city. Well-functioning urban spaces are created by using various materials and planting that correspond with the character of the surrounding buildings. In urban spaces, planting is an enormously important element. It helps to form, beautify and enliven the space. That is why Milford maintains a focus on plants and their growth conditions. We are always available if you need guidance and advice on planting in an urban setting.

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Milford assist in resolving infrastructural challenges to create well-functioning and inviting areas that at the same time provide a “greener” daily commute.

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Cultural houses, libraries, museums and art exhibitions aim to bring people together around art, culture and technology. In the same way that the art indoors attracts us, the exterior areas should also draw us. Milford helps to create expressive and well-functioning exterior spaces together with landscape architects and engineers.

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