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We have a skilled team of employees ready to help with advice, planning, project design and execution. We are ready when you are. We will provide non-binding advice anytime you contact us.

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We have successfully tackled many challenging projects together with our clients and are ready to assist you with the next one. We provide case studies, images, drawings, technical documentation and additional material to make your choices easier. We are always available to meet and talk about your project.

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We have a formidable team of landscape engineers who possess the experience and knowledge of creating environments where people thrive and feel safe. We are ready to help with specific technical needs and assist in designing the project. We can draft the drawings for your project at no expense and deliver the finished material ready to be incorporated into your collected materials.

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Our team can also help you on-site. We can take part in start-up meetings and offer product training for your team so they can independently install the chosen solution quickly and correctly.

As the world’s major cities expand, Milford’s job is to constantly develop better products and systems to meet increasing demands.

The various zones of the city need more green areas, unobtrusive installations with an attractive design and, at the same time, more efficient methods for stormwater management. An understanding of the interplay between city life and vegetation is essential to achieve lasting success in the establishment of green areas, urban as well as underground installations.

For 20 years, Milford has dealt in knowhow and systems for the enhancement of urban spaces and landscapes across the whole of Scandinavia.

Our product range includes system solutions for urban tree planting, urban space design, threshold channels, stormwater management, paving and facade greening. All our systems were developed in close collaboration with leading architects, landscape architects, engineers and landscapers.

We are ready to deliver expertise, prices, materials and advice.

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