Green stations

Green stations mean greater quality of life and more travellers

In a city like Copenhagen, our S-train and metro stations are not just stations but integrated places and spaces within our urban environment. They serve, on the one hand, a practical purpose in terms of infrastructure, but at the same time, something has been done to ensure that they should also be inviting and pleasant urban spaces in which one can stay or pass through.

It is an obvious place, as a central hub of the Copenhagen infrastructure, to take steps to increase the quality of life for the many people who use the train or metro every single day.

Trees make stations inviting urban spaces

It is important that the stations are attractive for several reasons. On the one hand, everything suggests that more people use public transport when the stations are inviting. It is the stations that are often the first features that tourists and other visitors meet in cities. In this way, they serve the purpose of making our cities appear as pleasant and as inviting as possible. In addition, there are great benefits in creating green and liveable cities.

Trees are part of the many solutions that can transform stations and station spaces into vibrant urban spaces. To plant trees that thrive and grow to be large is something that is often associated with a number of challenges. It should be easy for both people and heavy traffic such as buses to get through the area, and therefore the trees must be selected and planted with care. Spatial consideration was the primary reason why trees were previously chosen, but with our innovative structural soil cell systems and with soil cells, it is possible to create green urban spaces – without going beyond the functionality.

Large trees where space is sparse with Stratacells

To give the station trees the best possible conditions in the integrated environment, they are planted into our Stratacells – a solution that utilises the sparse space beneath the surface to the optimum level. With their help, it is possible to plant trees even where, in the past, they would have been cut down for the sake of space. They come in two models; the stronger variety is recommended for similar projects as it can withstand the pressure and vibrations of heavy traffic.

Our good advice

Planting large trees at the beginning is a good investment. If you plant trees that are too small, they take longer to get started and are more prone to vandalism.

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