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Rooftop terrace

Create exceptional outdoor spaces on rooftops for relaxation, experiences, and socializing.

Create exceptional outdoor spaces on rooftops for relaxation, experiences, and socializing.

With a growing focus on designing urban spaces where people can retreat from the fast pace of everyday life and instead enjoy their surroundings, there is an increasing interest in rooftop terraces. Developers and architects view the rooftop as an ideal area to actively incorporate into urban planning.

By utilizing the topmost space of buildings, there is typically more room for elements that cannot be included at ground level, including recreational and green areas.

An area with many challenges for developers, architects, and contractors.

However, there are several challenges that developers, architects, and contractors face when designing rooftop terraces. Some of these challenges can include:

  • A complex design and specification process where many different elements must come together.
  • Protection against wind gusts in exposed areas or on tall buildings.
  • Limited build-up heights.
  • A challenging installation process due to many incompatible components.
  • High maintenance costs.

A system that solves the challenges

Upland™ is our own terrace system developed with components that specifically address the above challenges. The system consists of a range of environmentally documented products, all designed to work seamlessly together.

Installation is fast and requires no special tools. Maintenance is equally easy due to the innovative clips for securing the pavement, which can be easily removed to access the substructure.

Unleash your creativity and discuss your visions with us for utilizing space at heights. With Upland™, we can create creative and inspiring green living spaces.




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