Copenhagen, Denmark

Orientkaj Station

Cobe, Arup

A unique metro station

In the Copenhagen neighborhood Nordhavn, we find the metro stop Orientkaj – the last station on the M4 line. The station is known for its unique expression, and is designed with inspiration from the local architecture, The White City (Den Hvide By). The stairs and elevators are covered with white tiles and the inside of the station is white and with light aluminum on the outside, reflecting the sky.

Room for attractive green spaces

Not only does the aesthetics make Orientkaj special. The metro station is an example of a new type of metro station. Raised on top of two pillars, it allows for plenty of space underneath, which gives many new opportunities in terms of green areas, bicycle lanes, and pleasant urban spaces where one can stay or pass through.

Inviting stations give more passengers

Everything points to how more people use public transport when the stations are inviting and offer recreational spaces. Trees are part of the many solutions that can transform stations and station spaces into attractive urban spaces.

This is also the case for Orientkaj, where trees were planted in front of the station. We contributed with our structural soil cell system StrataCells so the trees have the best possible growth conditions. The soil cells make it possible to create green urban spaces even where space is limited and the longevity of the trees is often very challenged.

The solution utilizes the sparse space beneath the surface to the optimum level by providing a solid modular system of recyclable plastic which ensures uncompacted soil for the tree roots to grow in. StrataCells are ideal for places like Orientkaj, where the vibration from the metro and lack of space are daily conditions for the trees.

The unique aesthetic and development of Orientkaj have caused more people to use the metro. It’s a good example of a metro project that gives the passengers an optimal experience and contributes to the green and sustainable development in the Nordhavn neighborhood.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Cobe, Arup
ARchitects, landscape

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