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Urban spaces

Urban spaces

Small urban spaces and parks are often the essential heart and soul of a city. Well-functioning urban spaces are created by using various materials and planting that correspond with the character of the surrounding buildings.  In urban spaces, planting is an enormously important element. It helps to form, beautify and enliven the space. That is why Milford maintains a focus on plants and their growth conditions. We are always available if you need guidance and advice on planting in an urban setting.

Challenges we often help to resolve

  • Create a tough and robust green structure where there are high temperatures and heavy vehicle traffic
  • Keep maintenance costs to a minimum
  • Create a green structure that promotes social life and does not create unnecessary barriers for pedestrians
  • Buried cables and pipes
  • Design that takes residents’ needs into account
  • Public and municipal requirements that must be accommodated


We have collated a small package containing photos that may be freely used in tenders, prospectuses etc.

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