Stormwater management with trees

With the correct management of stormwater we can create better growth conditions for trees. This is the philosophy that lies behind Climate adaptation with trees, Milford’s newest concept. Right now, there is an intense focus on the management of precipitation by retaining, storing and infiltrating stormwater so that it causes less damage and the drainage system is less overloaded. Climate adaptation with trees increases the focus on trees’ vitality and growth conditions. In all its elegant simplicity, we utilise trees as an instrument to manage stormwater. Remember that sometimes there is a need to adjust between summer and winter management of water so that salt-rich water (in winter) does not run into the tree pit.

Easycalculation of the required scope of your system

Milford has developed, in collaboration with SWECO, a unique calculation program that facilitates the design and dimensioning of your system following various repeat periods. The program is based on locally available precipitation data and fulfills the recommendations of the Danish Water Pollution Committee’s papers 27 & 30. Specifically, we can calculate howmuch water each plant pit can/should handle or how many trees need to be planted in relation to a given precipitation event and the project’s catchment area.


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Stormwater management with trees

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