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Commercial construction

Commercial construction

Many large companies have begun to consider creating attractive outdoor areas for their commercial buildings. This means that personnel gain a place to spend their breaks and take a breather from work. Green and flowering environs have a great impact on the working environment and clear divisions between pathways, plant beds and lush trees give visitors a positive impression on arrival at a company.

Typical challenges that we help resolve when planning new projects:

  • Create an outdoor space that staff can also enjoy and relax in.
  • Establish vegetation/planting in inner city areas. In this setting, heat from the urban environment can make it difficult for plants to survive (urban heat island effect).
  • The need for underground parking frequently creates problems for landscape architects when green areas need to be established on top of a concrete structure. This creates issues with growth, soil volume and water regulation.
  • Large asphalt areas leading to increased temperatures and greater water loss.


We have collated a small package containing photos that may be freely used in tenders, prospectuses etc.


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