KlimaByen (Climate City) in Middelfart

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GHB Landskabsarkitekter A/S, Adept ApS

Climate adaptation has been a predominant theme in Denmark in recent years. As major rainfall incidents (flash flooding) that overload the drainage system and flood cellars become more frequent, many municipalities have begun investing in major climate projects. This is also the case in Middelfart Municipality. In 2013, the municipality began to develop the KlimaByen or Climate City project. The aim of the KlimaByen project is to develop innovative solutions and projects in the area of climate adaptation around Kongebrovej in Middelfart.

The result is intended to be Denmark’s most attractive project in climate adaptation. One of the major challenges for the municipality was the overloading of the drainage system, particularly around detached housing settlement in the area.

The area has a good deal of nature reserves which provide a great opportunity to naturally divert stormwater. Therefore numerous plant beds and tree pits have been installed in the detached housing areas. The plants help to absorb stormwater so that less water enters directly into the runoff drainage system.

The plant beds work to relieve loads on the drainage system. To this end, Milford supplied KerbCells for the KlimaByen project. In brief, KerbCell is a sluice structure that diverts stormwater from the road surface into a plant bed. In this way, the local drainage system is relieved during periods of heavy rain.

Milford has also helped to supply StrataCells and RootRain irrigation and aeration systems. By installing these two solutions it is ensured that the soil in the tree pits remains uncompressed. Uncompressed soil can absorb far more water than compressed earth.

KlimaByen won DANVA’s climate award in 2018 for significant work done to create a project that “... goes hand in hand with the development of a thriving, more attractive and greener city.”

Juli 2013 - 2019
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ARchitects, landscape
GHB Landskabsarkitekter A/S, Adept ApS
Middelfart Municipality, Middelfart Spildevand A/S, REALDANIA

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