Creating liveable cities

We help to create liveable cities where people feel happy, healthy and safe.

You do not have to compromise on your vision, Milford delivers comprehensive solutions that are easily adapted to your project. In every area, we can provide inspirational concepts and ready to use images, drawings and price estimates. Achieve your vision, utilise our skills in these areas:

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When it comes to planting in places where conditions are challenging and space is restricted, Milford frees you to be visionary and to think innovatively.

Milford shares a passion for architecture, nature and functionality

With our help, architects, engineers and contractors securely transform their visions into reality. Milford allows you to be a visionary and to think innovatively when it comes to planting vegetation in places where it is challenging or space is limited.

We help architects, engineers, contractors, project owners and landscapers in their efforts to create enhanced urban environments and thriving urban spaces across the whole of Scandinavia.

We provide professional expertise in the field of quality systems for urban tree planting, edging and facade greening. Together, we transform the modern metropolis into a greener and better place where everyone can thrive.

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