Creating liveable cities

Urban tree planting

Urban trees are often exposed to significantly greater loads and stresses than they would in their natural habitat.

Urban trees are severely challenged

In the natural environment, trees often grow in protected microclimates with plenty of sunlight, rainwater and uncompressed soil filled with nutrients. Urban trees often struggle with higher temperatures in summer, impermeable surfaces such as asphalt and concrete, wind exposure, road salting in winter, heavy vehicle traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, as well as vandalism. A proliferation of paved areas allows no space for trees to grow and also prevents water and oxygen from reaching the roots. The small amounts of soil that are actually available are also nutrient deficient and compressed.

Incorporate trees in your project design

To a great extent, what is needed is prevention and planning to achieve lush and well-established trees. Considerations regarding trees and optimal growth conditions should be incorporated right from the start of the project design and in the establishment phase. When drafting a project that incorporates trees, you should, first and foremost, consider that the tree species should reflect the conditions. If space is limited, root-friendly soil cells can help to provide extra space for trees to develop roots. In addition, trees can be protected against future damage with tree pit grilles or tree guards. Milford specialises in tree planting where growth conditions are otherwise poor. Applying innovative solutions and expert guidance, we can help you establish thriving and healthy urban trees.

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