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Private residences

Private residences

To accommodate disabled and wheelchair users, newly built residences must be built with at-grade access. This gives rise to immediate challenges relative to dampness in the foundations and diverting stormwater from the house facade. In most cases, a threshold channel is required. We have a complete overview of the most recent regulations governing the use of drainage channels for dewatering of the foundation and at-grade access. Our solutions ensure your installation will endure for many years.

Challenges we often help to resolve

  • Universal design and at-grade access
  • Creating outdoor areas that invite residents to socialise with neighbours
  • Budgetary limitations
  • Creating a sense of pride and ownership among future home owners
  • Persuading clients to set aside a sufficient budget for outdoor areas


We have collated a small package containing photos that may be freely used in tenders, prospectuses etc.


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