Creating liveable cities

We help to create greener cities where people feel happy, healthy and safe.

Why compromise? 

We help architects, engineers, contractors, project owners and landscape gardeners to create better and greener environments and well-being in urban landscapes across the whole of Scandinavia. We realise dreams and offer innovative products and services to generate green life even under the most challenging circumstances.

With expertise in quality systems for establishing urban trees, edging and facade greening, together we can transform any metropolis into a greener and better place where all can thrive. 

By using Milford’s effective division of expertise and many years of practical experience, you can set the standard for urban spaces of the future.

For almost 20 years, Milford has delivered expertise and systems to enhance urban spaces and landscapes all across Scandinavia. Our product range includes system solutions for urban tree planting, urban space design, drainage channels, stormwater management and facade greening. All our systems were developed in close collaboration with leading architects, landscape architects, engineers and landscapers.

Ongoing improvement for many years

Through dialogue and ongoing project follow up, our products are constantly improved, both when it comes to design, function, durability and, perhaps most importantly, ease of installation. Everything from the smallest joint to the way in which elements are stacked for transport is discussed in depth.

As the worlds’ major metropolises continue to grow, our job is to evolve even better products and systems to meet the steadily increasing demands.

Urban areas need more greenery, stylishly discreet installations in tasteful, often invisible designs. At the same time, there is a need for new methods for the efficient management of large volumes of stormwater. With your vision and our understanding of how urban life and vegetation interact, together we can create long-term success in establishing green areas, urban and underground installations.

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A vision for the urban space of the future

Major cities are the powerhouses of the social collective. They are the sites where grand ideas are conceived and gestate, where plans take shape, where social relations evolve and cultural communities are born. The countless opportunities a city offers attract all types of people, also those visionaries who will change tomorrow for everyone. Spaciousness is therefore one of the city’s greatest virtues.

Challenges become opportunities

An individual needs to exist side by side with millions of others but nevertheless needs room to think his own thoughts, the space for new ideas and the space to breathe fresh air. The concentration of so many people gives rise to as many challenges as opportunities.

Authentic sustainability

The future urban space is vibrant but not noisy. It is busy but not hectic. It is energetic but not unpredictable. Here ambition co-exists alongside thoughtfulness. Here technology and nature are fused in a self-correcting circuit that keeps the city in perfect balance with itself and the surrounding landscape. In every sphere, from energy supply to renewal, there is a harmony between “costs” and “benefits”. The concept of sustainability is as obvious to all as it was once unfamiliar.

Achieve your vision by taking advantage of global expertise and experience 

In order to contribute the expertise that will enhance your project, it is essential to draw from experiences in other parts of the world. We have, therefore. entered into an international collaboration with similar enterprises, all of whom are specialists in urban planting. This collaboration has global knowledge sharing as its focal point and is raised above any local conflicts of interest. And this is knowledge that must be shared.

We benefit from each other’s day to day experiences.

The ongoing evolution of methods and improved systems thus benefit all involved parties. In this way, you gain access to some of the world’s best products and systems for establishing vegetation in an urban environment. The partnership provides further access to test facilities where both your and our new ideas and principles can be tested and developed.

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