Enköping, Sweden


Mälark landskap

Recreational meeting place on public square

In the Swedish town Enköping north-west of Stockholm we find Kammakartorget – a public square situated in the centre of the town, close to cafés and the local museum.

The intention was to give more life to the square and to design a pleasant and more inviting environment, allowing for people to meet, socialize and enjoy a trip downtown.

Unique design solution for benches

For the project, we delivered our Contrast Freestyle™ edging system around green planting beds and upgraded them with our wooden benches. The wood in combination with corten steel adds an effect full contrast and harmonizes well with the vegetation in the planting beds.

For the benching system, we made a unique design solution, where the corten steel edges lean outwards, instead of being straight. This gives the steel edges a unique design and also makes more room beneath the added benching so that with time the rusty corten steel material does not come in contact with one’s clothes.

The solution gives the benches the exact aesthetic expression and lives up to the functional intentions requested by the landscape architects.

Together with art installations, outside furniture, and trees, the benches contribute to a recreative and inviting environment. The square is also a pleasant urban space during the evenings with the added lighting.

The newly updated square now enables the residents and visitors in Enköping to meet up and enjoy its many pleasant features.

Enköping, Sweden
ARchitects, landscape
Mälark landskap
Enköping municipality

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