Copenhagen, Denmark

Enghave Plads

The many metro stations around Copenhagen are important parts of the overall infrastructure in the city. In the neighborhood Vesterbro we find one of the 25 metro stations underneath the square Enghave Plads. The station was established in 2018 and is used by many visitors and commuters on a daily basis. 

Much more than infrastructure

The metro stations in Copenhagen are integrated places and spaces within our urban environment. Because of this they not only serve a practical purpose in terms of infrastructure, but should also be inviting and pleasant urban spaces in which one can stay or pass through. 

A station like Enghave Plads is an obvious place to take steps to increase the quality of life of the many people who uses the metro or square. 

Planting trees on top of a metro station

To create a recreative space on the square, 30 Robinia trees were planted in connection with the establishment of the metro. On Enghave Plads metro station lack of space, many pedestrians, heavy loads, and the vibrations of the metro is an everyday condition, and it was top priority to create optimal growth conditions for the trees. 

The solution was found in our root-friendly StrataCells made of recycled plastic. The StrataCells ensure the most efficient and uncompressed volume of soil pr. tree and give the trees optimal ventilation for the roots. 

Healthy trees all year round on Enghave Plads

Today the Robinia trees stand tall and strong and now have sufficient space to grow a lush and green tree crown during summertime and have beautiful brown and yellow colors during fall. The StrataCells ensure the tree roots a good amount of space underground, which also reduces the need for maintenance of the pavement around the trees. 

Today the metro station on Enghave Plads not only serves a practical purpose but also offers an inviting and recreational urban space to the joy of the many daily commuters and visitors.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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