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Threshold channels

With a view to universal design and at grade access to newbuild private residences and commercial buildings, ever more stringent demands are made for, for example, diversion of stormwater, aeration and the possibility to inspect building foundations.

Stringent demands on new constructions

When it comes to accessibility and level access to new private and public buildings, ever more stringent demands are made regarding, for example, drainage of rainwater and ventilation and inspection of the building’s foundation. The new regulations mean longer working days spent studying the most recent requirements and recommendations. New requirements stipulate, among other things, that there must be a 150 mm free threshold edge and that surface runoff may not seep down along the threshold but must be drained away. This makes many demands on the threshold channels; demands which the majority of drainage systems cannot meet.

Compliance with latest standards

At Milford, we have developed, in collaboration with leading building technology experts and contractors, threshold channels that comply with all the latest recent standards. Our threshold channels minimise the risk of moisture damage to foundations. While at the same time ensuring grade-free access and the possibility to inspect and repair the foundation.

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