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For busy citizens on their to and from work there is rarely time to enjoy the surroundings. Countless train and bus stations are hives of activity in the mornings and evenings and must accommodate many commuters. Many places choose to prioritise making platforms and routes more attractive. This means that busy passers-by may take the time to sit for a well-earned break. Milford cooperates with leading landscape architects to create well-functioning station areas that are inviting and at the same time provide a “greener” daily commute.

We frequently assist in resolving the following challenges

  • Areas with large amounts of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Solutions and products that need to be robust and withstand intense use
  • Create pleasant spaces where previously there was only a jungle of concrete
  • Convince the municipality to invest adequate funding in green infrastructure
  • A knowledgeable overview of rules and regulations governing safety for pedestrians, universal design etc.


We have collated a small package containing photos that may be freely used in tenders, prospectuses etc.


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