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Rainwater as a resource

Many project owners and landscape architects seek innovative solutions to take advantage of the resources nature provides for us. Furthermore, there is a growing need to relieve drainage systems during major precipitation events. That is why we developed KerbCell LINEAR and KerbCell Cubic.


KerbCell is a sluice construction that allows for the management and isolation of stormwater during periods when the water has a high sodium chloride content (often spread on roads/paths in winter).

Areas of use

The system makes it possible to lead stormwater to SUD solutions, trees and planted areas during most months of the year. At the same time, stresses on the runoff system are reduced in the event of more intense precipitation events. 

KerbCell LINEAR is a model where stormwater is led directly to the kerb. This is optimal in areas where there is no danger that sediments can reach plants. As an optional extra, KerbCell LINEAR can be supplied with a specially designed inlet which minimises the risk of erosion of the bed.

KerbCell CUBIC is a sluice construction with a sand trap pan. This captures sediments and minimises the risk that contaminated water is retained.

Designed for your project

As standard, KerbCell is supplied in CorTen steel or stainless steel with 3 or 5 sluices. In addition, the construction can be specially designed for your project so that it visually aligns with the landscape.

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