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StormPit is an effective way to lead stormwater directly down to the trees’ root zone where it is evenly distributed in the tree pit. Urban trees have a substantial need for water and StormPit exploits the excess stormwater to improve growth conditions for urban trees. StormPit reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming artificial irrigation. The system also contributes to enhanced aeration and air exchange in the growing soil.

StormPit is a robust and easy to operate solution for local drainage of stormwater.

Areas of use

StormPit is ideal for urban trees where the aim is good, healthy growth, improved air exchange and where a general shortage of water needs to be relieved.

The system can be used for all tree planting where it is desirable to reduce the need for artificial irrigation. Also suitable for roof gardens with reduced construction height. 


Just as with a standard Ø300mm well, StormPit is equipped with a sand trap and a hinged cast iron grate that gives easy access for cleaning. StormPit is height-adjustable so it can be used for various tree pit structures.

The system’s Ø100mm and perforated drainpipe distributes the stormwater quickly, efficiently and evenly across the entire root zone. It also possible to purchase roof water from nearby buildings for the system.

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