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Harvesting and recycling roof runoff

Together with experts and researchers, we have taken another innovative step towards creating a multifunctional, blue-green solution for the urban environment.

Oasis™ is a complete and appealing SuD-solution comprising of an in-and outlet system used to handle rainwater from downspouts. The multi-purpose system can be used both as a planter or an urban recreational element in the form of a bench.

During periods of drought, Oasis™ reduces the need for manually watering the planter, while at the same time handling large amounts of water from downspouts during heavy rainfalls. A single unit can handle up to 540 litres and can easily be connected to other SuDS.

A complete system

The complete Oasis™ system consists of a multi-purpose aluminium box containing a rainwater reservoir with an integrated sand trap.

Oasis™ is used for building facades, for when you need to adapt to the climate and delay rainwater from the roof by either recycling the rainwater to irrigate the plant box, Oasis™ Planter, or by simply harvesting and delaying the rainwater using the Oasis™ Bench.

Benefits of Oasis™

  • Delays rainwater from roof drains during heavy rainfall
  • Reduces the need for manual irrigation of the planter
  • Can be easily connected to other SuDS.

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