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Lightweight, versatile edging

AluEdge™ is Milford's own L-profiled aluminum edging, ideal for separating soft and hard surfaces. Being a lightweight and malleable material, aluminium makes the edging easy to handle during installation and allows for creating sharp boundaries of different surfaces without compromising the aesthetics of your project.

Designed for both curves and straight lines

There are two types of AluEdge: With the reinforced edge, AluEdge™ Linear is particularly suitable for the long, straight stretches, while AluEdge™ Flex, which is easily shaped, is ideal for the curved and soft lines. Both types share their lightweight design and can be easily installed using the included stakes.

With AluEdge™, there is a world of possibilities for creating sharp and durable boundaries between different surface types.

Benefits of AluEdge™

  • Aluminum is a lightweight material, making installation easy and the edging particularly suitable for rooftop gardens.
  • AluEdge™ comes in a wide range of heights and thicknesses.
  • Lengthens the lifespan of your surfaces and prevents damage to the edges.
  • The product is EPD-declared.
  • Sizes 40 mm / 50 mm are produced in AluPure – a material made from 100% recycled aluminum with low CO2 emissions.


Used for edging of asphalt, rubber surfaces, slot gravel, and paving stones. Also suitable for rooftop gardens.

AluEdge™ Linear and AluEdge™ Flex use the same connectors and dimensions, allowing for a combination of the two profiles as desired.

Includes connectors and stakes for installation.

Fastened with steel fixing stakes, minimum of 7 per length.

Installed according to Milford's recommendations. For more information on installation and maintenance please contact Milford.

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