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AquaAirbox™ is a multi-use cartridge system. It can be used both as a detention vault for the delay and infiltration of rainwater and as an irrigation and aeration system for green infrastructure such as green roofs, urban trees, rain gardens and others.

Each cartridge has the option to connect a 110mm runoff pipe and can be inspected and cleaned via a special cleaning channel.

Width: 400mm 

Length 800mm 

Height: 150mm (also available in 40, 80 and 110mm) 

Material: 100% PP recycled plastic.

Volume: 44 litres 

Permitted load: 1000 kN/m²

Areas of use

AquaAirbox™ can be used for retention and infiltration of rainwater and is ideal for places with a high groundwater level or where the detention vault needs to be close to the loaded surface.

The cartridge can also be used as an irrigation and aeration system for trees planted in impervious paving. Permits the use of collected surface water or roof water for the watering of trees.

Can also be used for retention in connection with green roofs. The cartridge is placed on the upper side of a watertight membrane. After which the green roof is established on top of the cartridge.


Multi-use cartridge system made from 100% recycled plastic. Each cartridge is two-part with a total height of 150mm. In the middle of the assembled module there is a cleaning channel that allows inspection, cleaning and maintenance via a 110m duct. Maximum permitted load is 1000 kN/m².

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