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Canyon 2.0™

Threshold channel without infiltration

Canyon 2.0™ is our most popular threshold channel ever. Contains integrated adjustment pins and guarantees an optimal ventilation of the foundation. At the same time, it fulfils all the recommendations of Danish building codes, BR15, SBI and BYG-ERFA.


Advantages of CANYON 2.0™

  • Adjustment pins on the console makes installation even faster.
  • Enhanced protection against damp damage as the runoff does not infiltrate but is led away to the drainage system.
  • Very stable installation irrespective of foundation condition.
  • New connection to channel elements makes joints more stable and watertight and facilitates installation.
  • Access to the entire foundation for inspection and repairs.
  • Ensure that your project lives up to the most recent construction code requirements and recommendations.

Maintains foundations in good condition

The integrated console in Canyon 2.0™ is made from 100% recycled plastic and is very easy to install. The integrated adjustment pins are simply and quickly clicked in against the foundation. Ensures that the channel is always at perpendicular to the foundation. Moreover, the adjustment pins can be individually adjusted to accommodate irregularities in the foundation.

As standard, the Canyon 2.0™ is equipped with louvre grating. Choose a mesh size between 99mm x 9mm or 30mm x 9mm. Gives an elegant and exclusive appearance to the project that lives up to the most recent construction requirements.

The new channel elements, made from Aluzinc, have an added coupling piece to optimise stability. In addition, the coupling minimises the ingress of gravel into the threshold channel.

Adapt Canyon 2.0™ to your project

To ensure a high-finish appearance, it is also possible to install door profiles so that the transition from channel to door is as elegant as possible. Door profiles are of course delivered to the precise dimensions of your project.

If you would like to inspect the new Canyon 2.0™ in a real-life setting, call us and we can offer a selection.

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